Dino Breakout – Game Jam Build Download

Dino Breakout is an inventive physics-based puzzle game where you throw balls to topple wooden towers and destroy cages containing cute little dinosaurs.

Created for the 8 Bits to Infinity Palette Jam, Dino Breakout is an easily accessible mouse-controlled physics-based puzzle game where you have a limited amount of throws to free dinosaurs from their cages. The cages in question are balanced atop a variety of wooden structures that you can hit and move with your balls. However, you have to be careful not to knock the dinos off the side of the level and you also have to avoid destroying any skull blocks.

There are only eight levels in the current build of Dino Breakout so it doesn’t take long to play through, but it’s a lot of fun and the later levels offer a nice amount of challenge. The charming chunky visuals and the limited color palette work really well and the physics feel great. A cute and creative little puzzler well worth breaking into.

Download or Play Dino Breakout Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)