Dino Dearest – Alpha Demo

dino dearest 3

Dino Dearest is a 2D dinosaur dating simulation that will leave you in stitches, with you trying to win the hearts of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals while studying at Cretaceous College.

Dino Dearest was created by four school mates (Ben Caulkins, Anthony Licata, Perrin Mercer, and Sam Suite) from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  Each individual dinosaur is unique and all offer up a different personality for you to deal with. The game is not all hearts and roses though, as Dino Dearest offers you choices in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” sort of story. These choices can lead to some pretty hilarious endings, like being assimilated due to bad-mouthing the school.

Dino Dearest is a very clever, well thought out game with rich story telling and with plenty of humour thrown in to leave you laughing for hours.  A jurassic lark.

Download The Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)