Dinosaur Fossil Hunter – Beta Demo

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is a remarkably in depth narrative driven adventure/simulation game that tells the story of how a young boy with a passion for dinosaurs becomes a very successful paleontologist.

In Dinosaur Fossil Hunter you get to experience some of the work, drive and passion it takes to become a renowned paleontologist. You follow the story of a paleontology enthusiast throughout their life, starting as a young child sketching dinosaurs on pieces of paper to being a bona fide paleontologist, digging up bones, putting together skeletons and even designing your own dinosaur museum.

The Dinosaur Fossil Hunter prologue features around an hour’s worth of gameplay and really impresses with how deep it goes into the paleontology simulation elements. Before you even arrive at the dig site you have to drive there, you change the diff-lock on your 4×4 when you get stuck in mud, you chainsaw through a log that’s blocking a road and you use a pickaxe to make up a boulder.

When you actually start the real paleontology stuff things get even more intricate, with you scanning the ground for fossils, digging them up, covering them with plaster, packaging them, loading them up into your 4×4 and sending them to a museum. When they arrive at the museum you then have to prepare the fossils (which is extremely detailed), piece them together like a giant jigsaw and display them in the museum.

It could do with a little more attention to the audio design (maybe a little more background music), but it’s a very impressive game with high quality visuals, an interesting story and some incredibly detailed paleontology simulation gameplay. This is no shallow novelty simulation game – Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is passionate about its subject matter and it really makes you passionate about it too. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Beta Demo Here (Steam)