Diplomacy is Not an Option – Beta Demo

Diplomacy is Not an Option is a medieval RTS game with a touch of tower defense, which sees you attempting to build and expand your settlement while protecting it from huge waves of invaders.

In Diplomacy is Not an Option you take on the mantle of a Feudal Lord who must build up an empire in a hostile medieval fantasy world full of monsters, raiders and rebellious peasants. Building your settlement is fairly easy and a little reminiscent of Age of Empires, with you harvesting resources, building useful structures and training soldiers.

You can get your settlement up and running quite quickly and then you need to set your sights on expanding and defending it. The world is filled with small nomadic settlements that you can fight and destroy to earn useful bonuses, but the real fight comes in the form of increasingly massive waves of enemies that march through the map and attack every few days. You need to make sure you’re prepared for them when they come as they can attack in some serious numbers (thanks to the game managing to handle thousands of on-screen units at a time).

It’s an easily accessible, but satisfyingly deep take on RTS gameplay with stylish isometric visuals, the ability to build huge settlements and some epic battles with thousands of units. A great fusion of old school RTS mechanics with modern game design. If you like RTS games, missing this is not an option.

Download The Diplomacy is Not an Option Beta Demo Here (Steam)