DIRE – Alpha Demo


DIRE is a super cool blend of Mad Max-style post apocalyptic survival car driving and Sin City-esque visuals in which you help a single mother outrun a toxic sandstorm while dealing with other drivers attempting to ram you off the road.

Playable on standard screens or VR, DIRE plays a lot like you’re racing through a graphic novel version of the sandstorm scene the latest Mad Max movie. You must drive flat out through the game world, attempting to stay ahead of the approaching toxic sandstorm, while using boosts and side rams to avoid or deal with the other drivers who are intent on your demise.

You have to keep your wits around you as you race along the dusty tracks of DIRE – it only takes one bad crash to allow the sandstorm to catch up (and ruin your speedrun attempt). As well as dealing with the other drivers, you also have to pay attention to the track – boulders and gates can suddenly close off routes and there’s even a few shortcuts to find that can shave second off your time.

It’s great fun on a standard screen, but DIRE is mainly designed to be played on Oculus and HTC Vive – which really immerses you in the action and gives you an advantage as you can look around you and spot other drivers more easily. Either way, it’s a blast racing through that brutal black, white and red landscape. Just remember to wear your seatbelt, it’s going to be one hell of a bumpy ride!

Note: The current build says it’s for Oculus and Vive, but it works on standard screens too.

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Download The DIRE Alpha Demo Here (Windows)