Dirty Bomb – Beta Sign-Up (Steam)

dirty bomb

The Dirty Bomb Beta is now on Steam!  Throughout it’s development, Dirty Bomb has changed names from Dirty Bomb to Extraction and now back to Dirty Bomb again.  Hopefully they’re not as indecisive about the rest of the development process, but we’re happy they’ve gone back to Dirty Bomb – it sounds a bit less generic than Extraction.

It’s a highly competitive PC first person shooter from Splash Damage, the developer of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Brink and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.  In it you can Snipe, attack, cover, or heal throughout the streets of London with a wide range of mercenaries, each big on personality and long on abilities.  It’s a good looking game, probably best to sign-up quickly before they change the name again though!

Check Out the Steam Page HERE

Sign Up to get your Steam Key for the Beta HERE (Note – The NDA has now been lifted)