Dirty Bomb – Open Beta (Steam)

dirty bomb

Dirty Bomb has now entered Open Beta on Steam!  We first covered the Closed Beta back in January, but now everyone’s able to enjoy the fast paced team-based FPS from Splash Damage (Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Brink and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars).

Set in a post-apocalyptic London, Splash Damage vowed to take first person shooters back to their roots with Dirty Bomb, with a game that “won’t hold your hand, in fact it is more likely to kick your teeth in”.  They’ve stuck to their word too, boldly shunning controller support and any form of aim assist, making for a fun team centric shooter that rewards skill and punishes complacency.  Fancy testing your mettle?  Join the Dirty Bomb Squad!

Download Dirty Bomb HERE (Steam)