Dirty Hands – Open Beta

dirty hands game

How far would you go to find out the truth?  Dirty Hands puts you in the role of a CIA interrogator who must discover the location of a terrorist bomb at all costs.

You have a variety of interrogation methods available to to you as you decide how to tackle your suspects.  You can use their personal information to find clues and possible avenues of questioning, and if that fails you also have a ‘toolbox’ full of items that may help loosen their tongues.

It’s a tense and gritty game, in which each suspect is a puzzle that has to be cracked by any means necessary.  You may play ‘good cop’ for a while, but as that timer counts down you may have to get your hands dirty….

Play Dirty Hands in a Unity Supported Browser HERE

1 thought on “Dirty Hands – Open Beta”

  1. NIce game! Like the felling in it! I did fell a bit like an agent for a whille, untill I put that guys hair on fire…. humm… that maybe was a bad move…

    See me play it here:

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