DIS.TORTION: In Sensu – Student Game Download

DIS.TORTION: In Sensu is a rage-inducingly tough skill-based rhythm game where you challenge your fears as you race through a nightmarish landscape.

Created by students at HTW Berlin, DIS.TORTION: In Sensu is a very stylish and very challenging Thumper-esque on-rails rhythm action game where you rotate and jump around the four sides of a track to avoid hazards in a haunting, distorted world. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious you can try to pick up the various skull collectibles that litter the track, but staying alive is quite hard enough initially. As you race along the track you can also try and pick up the The whole experience can be played through in around 5 minutes IF you don’t crash, but with an assortment of gaps, pylons, spiked and axes to dodge, it’s very unlikely that you’ll make it through on a first attempt (or even a fifth!)

It’s a tough, but fun game with a great visual style and some very inventive track design that keeps you on your toes. You’ll die a lot, but it’s testament to the excellent audio/visual design and the addictive gameplay that you keep coming back for more. See if you can conquer your fears and conquer this super tough rhythm racer.

Download DIS.TORTION: In Sensu Here (Windows)