Disc Room – Beta Demo

Disc Room is a brutally tough Sci-Fi arcade avoid ‘em up where a scientist makes his way through a labyrinthine intergalactic slaughterhouse filled with spinning discs of death.

In Disc Room you follow the adventure of a brave astronaut scientist who is exploring the interior of a gigantic metallic disc that has mysteriously appeared in the orbit of Jupiter. Unfortunately for you it’s made up of a network of single-screen death-rooms filled with deadly spinning discs. Unlocking the next room isn’t always as easy as surviving for as long as possible either!

The Disc Room demo build features a network of 12 rooms to conquer. The rooms are all interconnected in a small grid and you can unlock the doors by completing certain objectives. This can be as simple as surviving for 20 seconds, but there are also other objectives – such as getting killed by different types of disc or even getting killed before the timer starts that can require a little more thought.

The cartoony art style world really well and the gameplay is very addictive. The mystery of the strange structure you’re exploring is very intriguing too and one of the final rooms hints that maybe there’s a Fez-esque code to decipher in the full game that may hold some answers. See if you can make the cut or get sliced ‘n diced in this addictive arcade dodge ‘em up.

Download The Disc Room Beta Demo Here (Steam)