Dischord – Game Jam Build Download

Dischord game

Dischord is a fun little musical dungeon crawler that sees you on a quest for the ultimate instrument and taking on a variety of dangerous enemies armed with a…..guitar?

You may only be armed with a guitar, but it’s a pretty deadly one.  Best played with a controller (but still playable with keyboard), each of the face buttons are mapped to a different chord.  To kill an enemy, you simply have to strum the correct four chord sequence and watch as they swell and explode.

These four button combos are found via trial and error, and can dispatch multiple enemies at once provided they’re all the same type.  Things get trickier when a few different types of enemies are onscreen at the same time though, as each different type will require a different four chord tune to dispatch them.

Dischord is a fairly short experience, but a satisfyingly entertaining one – the visual design is adorable and it makes a nice change slaying enemies with music instead of bullets.  In this game you’re a real guitar hero!

Download Dischord HERE (Win & Mac)