Discover My Body – Game Jam Build Download

Discover My Body is a very unsettling little low rez body horror game where you study a test subject as they go through a horrifying fungal transformation to help them find some form of connection.

In Discover My Body you take on the role of a student who is studying “Psychial Tran-Boletutian Flowering” – a process whereby a human is injected with a special fungus and transforms into an organism that forms part of a hive-mind like community. While this may sound horrifying (because it is), in the year 2040 people are craving some form of meaningful connection and Psychial Tran-Boletutian Flowering may be the answer…

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, in Discover My Body you study a volunteer test subject as they go through the Psychial Tran-Boletutian Flowering process. This involves scanning their topical, skeletal and nervous systems and identifying any particularly notable (and grotesque) changes to their body – at which point your subject will tell you about them.

It’s a very strange and unsettling game which equally intrigues and repulses as you play. The whole “Flowering” process is extremely painful to the subject and horrifying to watch, but the way your test subject is very nonchalant and upbeat about the whole thing is perhaps the most disconcerting thing about it. A search for meaningful connection has driven them to transform their body into a hideous fungus hybrid. Hopefully we never end up in a future where things get that bad! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Discover My Body Here (Windows & Linux)