Discover the Ocean – Game Jam Build Download

Discover the Ocean is a short and unsettling analog horror game where you watch a short VHS documentary that explores the mysteries of the depths.

Created by Warkus (creator of Oceanwork and Shadow Over Normoth), Discover the Ocean is a very short, but effective analog horror game set within a VHS documentary created by the “Ocean Exploration Program”. The organisation is focused on discovering the secrets that lie in the depths of our (largely unexplored) oceans. At certain points you are given control of a submersible which you can then pilot towards certain points of interest and learn more about the creatures (and the horrors) of the deep sea…

At the moment there isn’t a whole lot of gameplay in Discover the Ocean (it’s limited to three very short submarine sections), but it’s very well crafted and it also has a short ARG that has a few fun codes to crack and secrets to discover. It would be great to see it expanded on in the future as it has a lot of potential and the presentation is superb.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Discover the Ocean Here (Windows & Linux)