Discoverie – GameJam Build Download


Discoverie, a game made for the 7 day FPS, will take you on a journey through a stunning, mysterious land.

This game is procedurally generated, so each time you play, the game will be different. Each dungeon is also infinite, so the exploration never ends. You start off in a room, beautiful music plays in the background setting the tone of the game to be one of mystery. You have a bow and a map. The map shows your life as well as the places you find, the bow shoots lit arrows at enemies. There is tons to be discovered in the new world you are placed in.

There are many biomes in this dungeon, some seeming like mushroom caves with whimsical plants, skulls, and short black monsters coming to attack you. Another biome is all about ice, with icicles that can be shot down onto enemies.  This place has penguins that will come and attack if you get to close. Some areas look like bits of someone’s house, or like an average dungeon. Lights and paintings decorate the wall, vases litter the floor. Pink-ish monsters that have the ability to shoot but not move, lurk here. After killing one, all of the remaining shoot in unison towards you.

Paintings can be shot and knocked off walls, sometimes revealing hidden keys. There is much, much more in this game, locked doors and snow blocked doors, and huge boss-like monsters.

Discoverie is full of many monsters, cool biomes, and a lot to discover. What secrets will you be able to find?

Download Discoverie HERE