DISDAIN – Alpha Demo

DISDAIN is a fast paced and brutal old school Quake inspired first person shooter with big guns and chunky gibs.

Originally starting as a small project to create a Quake clone in ten days, DISDAIN is now being developed into a fully fledged game full of retro boomer shooter goodness. It’s created in a modified version of the GZDoom engine (so the movement and combat is pretty flawless) and harkens back to the days when FPS games were all about fast paced action, beefy guns, a rocking soundtrack and lots of bloody carnage.

The demo build of DISDAIN features two large levels and five weapons to blast the Lovecraftian hordes with. It’s still early in development so has a few rough edges (such as some fairly wooden death animations when using your weaker weapons), but it’s a lot of fun and it very much feels like an authentic 90’s era FPS.

Download The DISDAIN Alpha Demo Here (Steam)