Disfigure – Prologue Download

Disfigure is an eldritch horror top-down bullet heaven roguelite where illuminate the darkness and slay the hordes of grotesque creatures that lurk within it.

The core gameplay of Disfigure is pretty similar to Vampire Survivors, with you blasting hordes of enemies and collecting stackable upgrades to turn you into a badass. Aiming is manual though in Disfigure , and it also has an interesting light mechanic, which allows you to switch between two types of light (radial and cone) to illuminate the darkness around you.

At the moment some of the upgrades feel a little overpowered. This allows you to chain together some serious amounts of damage and looks very cool, but does make the game a little too easy. You should be able to complete the prologue without too much bother, but it’s got a great visual style and there are six different starter weapons to play with that add a nice amount of replayability.

Download the Disfigure Prologue Here (Steam)