Disjunction – Alpha Demo

Disjunction is a stylish pixel art cyberpunk stealth-action RPG adventure where three unique characters unravel a web of conspiracy that could change the fate of their city.

Set in New York in the year 2048, Disjunction follows Frank Munroe, Joe “Lockjaw” Murphy and Zhi Zhu – three uniquely skilled protagonists who start digging into the corruption that’s going on in the city for very different reasons. It’s a city where overcrowding has caused great civil unrest and increased crime rates, but a shady organisation appears to be going to great lengths to pin crimes on innocent people…

The full game will feature all three playable characters, but the demo build lets you play a few missions as one of them, a jaded P.I. called Frank Monroe who is investigating a case where a friend appears to have been framed for a murder. The top-down stealth action gameplay as you attempt to infiltrate and retrieve intel from shady facilities is a little like Hotline Miami, but with a lot more tactical options and a little more leniency that allows you to recover if things go wrong.

Ideally you’ll want to use stealth and non-lethal force to sneak through missions, but if things don’t go to plan then gunning everyone down is always a viable option. You have a nice selection of equipment at your disposal, including smoke bombs and stun darts, and as you progress you can earn upgrades for your character.

Stealth games can often be infuriating as there’s a lot of waiting around, the gameplay is prescriptive and being caught means you’re screwed. Disjunction does a great job of addressing these issues, with fast paced gameplay, a variety of ways to tackle enemies and the option to use brute force if necessary (though leaving a trail of dead bodies is likely to affect how the story plays out). It’s like it takes the best bits of Metal Gear Solid and Hotline Miami and leaves out all the irritating elements like insta-death and hanging around in cardboard boxes. The characters are well written too and the dystopian cyberpunk setting and the conspiracy-filled narrative are interesting. A well crafted cyberpunk stealth-action RPG well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Disjunction Alpha Demo Here (Steam)