Dismantled – Alpha Demo

Dismantled is a creepy first person survival horror game created in the GZDoom engine that sees you attempting to escape a mysterious facility filled with dead bodies and abominations of nature.

As it’s created in the GZDoom engine, the character movement is fast, smooth and Doom-like, but everything else is feels more akin to a full on survival horror like Resident Evil or The Suffering. It’s a very dark and disturbing game, that sees you waking up in a strange facility filled with torture devices and horrifying experiments. In fact you wake up attached to one of those torture devices and promptly get all of your fingers mangled in it!

There are many disturbing sights to behold as you explore the facility, solving puzzles and scavenging weapons, bullets and useful items to aid your progress. It’s impressive how well the GZDoom engine lends itself to the survival horror genre, with its blend of 3D and 2D sprite based visuals managing to create a very tense and dread-filled atmosphere. A dark and disturbing Doom-based survival horror that’ll really get under your skin.

Tip: The key to the first door is behind the lockers.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dismantled Alpha Demo Here (Windows)