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Displaced is an intriguing narrative based survival game in which you attempt to help a group of survivors escape a country that has turned into a war zone.

At the start of every game in Displaced you get to choose five survivors to take with you in your group. They’re normal people, not soldiers, who find themselves fighting for survival after a clash between separatists and the government has turned a once prosperous country into a war zone. Each survivor will have their own useful attributes, such as first aid skills or negotiating experience, that will have an impact on your journey and your chances of survival as you venture across the dangerous game world.

Each playthough of Displaced is a markedly different dependant of the survivors in your group, the choices you make and the direction you choose to travel, as well as random tasks and quests that’ll also add a lot of replayability to the proceedings. As well as making difficult choices you’ll also take part in CCG-style turn based battles should a conflict with other survivors arise.

It’s a very promising concept that looks set to offer engaging gameplay, tough decisions and a very powerful narrative experience as your band of survivors travel across a war torn city. An impactful look at a very real-world problem as normal people with normal lives attempt to escape from the atrocities of war.

Note: The first 100 Subscribers on the displaced website will be sent a full steam game key on Release Day

Download The Displaced Beta Demo Here (Download Link on Right Side of the Page)

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