Disposable – Prototype Download


Disposable is a stylish platformer in which you play a small robot exploring a strange laboratory, using a very cool grapple/lash mechanic to get around and hacking terminals to open the exit door.

The terminals are scattered across the level in various hard to reach areas, luckily for you though your little robot is capable of some very nifty feats of agility.  As well as being able to triple jump upwards, you can grapple/lash across the various red and white nodes that are littered across the level – you’ll have to be very quick and precise when using these nodes though as there’s very little margin for error.

The current build is still very early in development, but Disposable impresses with it’s novel gameplay and beautiful pixel art animation.  An intriguing and remarkably tricky precision platformer.

Download Disposable HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)