Disposables – Game Jam Build


Disposables is a fun and slightly gory game built for the Global Game Jam that tasks you with cleaning up a particularly gruesome murder scene – hiding all the corpses and disposing of any evidence before the cops arrive.

The corpses of the recently deceased can be disposed of in a variety of gory ways – such as chopping them win an axe, burning them on a fire or even dissolving them in a pool full of acid.  After the bodies are dealt with you’ll have to dispose of any evidence and blood stains – this requires some attention to detail, as the cop who examines the place once you’re done is pretty thorough – if he finds 10 pieces of evidence, you’re busted.

With the full game taking just 3 minutes to complete, Disposables is a fairly simple game, but also a very enjoyable one.  It’s basically 3 minutes of pretending to be ‘the Wolf’ from Pulp Fiction, disposing of bodies and evidence in all manner of nefarious ways.

Hold Left mouse to drag objects
Hold Right mouse to move camera

Play Disposables in a Unity Supported Browser HERE