Disposal – Game Jam Build Download

Disposal is a creepy little Sci-Fi horror first person shooter where you awaken in a strange facility full of gruesome monsters and go in search of answers.

Created for the SCREAM MACHINE game jam, is an odd little horror FPS with a unique visual style that blends 3D environments and hand drawn 2D enemies. In the game you awaken from a pod to find yourself trapped in a mysterious facility that’s overrun with grotesque monsters. You promptly grab a gun and go in search of answers…

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Disposal does have a few little rough edges in regards to the sound design and the gun feel, but it’s a fun little adventure nonetheless. The art style is excellent, the monsters are delightfully weird looking and the ending is well executed. A quirky little 10 minute oddity well worth checking out.

Download Disposal Here (Windows)