Distrust – Beta Demo (Steam)

Distrust Game Download

Distrust is a tense isometric Arctic survival horror game inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing in which you help a band of explorers stave off fatigue and sleep as they’re stalked by a terrifying force that sucks the life from their bodies.

In Distrust you control a group of survivors who crash land near a remote Arctic base. This base is randomly generated for each play thorough, and features a wide variety of quests, game events and plot twists to keep things interesting. There are fifteen characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities which you’ll need to utilise to stand a chance of escaping alive.

The monsters aren’t quite as horrifically grotesque as in The Thing (though not much is), but the atmosphere is very similar, with it’s remote icy location and a constant paranoia that leaves you unsure of who to trust. As well as having to deal with the extreme climate, you also have to deal with a force that sucks the life out of the survivors while they sleep. They’ll need to sleep for short periods to avoid fatigue, but over time their sleep-starved and life-drained bodies will struggle to cope, becoming unable to tell the difference between hallucination and reality.

It’s an impressive game, with great artwork, detailed isometric visuals, plenty of replayabilty and a very tense atmosphere. A perfect accompaniment to John Carpenter’s frostbitten masterpiece.

Note: The first 100 subscribers on the official Distrust website will be sent out full copies of the game upon release!

Download The Distrust Beta Demo Here (Steam – Download Link on Right Side of Page)