Dive in Verse – Game Jam Build

Dive in Verse is a simple, stylish and challenging little physics-based arcade game where you control a ball’s momentum by flipping between the over and under-world and rolling down the slopes of the hills in them.

Created for the Unity 1 Week Game Jam, Dive in Verse is a simple and addictive game that’s incredibly hard to master. It’s controlled entirely with the spacebar, with you pressing it to flip between the overworld and the underworld. The gravity is flipped in the two worlds, so if you’re rolling uphill in one then you can press the spacebar and you’ll be rolling downhill in the other.

This means you can flip between them to essentially make your ball always roll downhill and pick up a lot of speed in the process. You want to go fast as there’s a deadly dark cloud that’s chasing you, but you have to be careful – your ball can’t survive large falls so you want to avoid carrying out large jumps if possible.

It’s a very addictive little game with a simple, but cleverly implemented concept and stylish minimalist visuals. It would be nice if there was a mode where fall-damage didn’t affect you as it can be all too easy to build up too much speed and ramp off the top of a hill. See how long you can survive for!

Play Dive in Verse Here (Browser)