Divine Frequency – Alpha Download

Divine Frequency is a tense and atmospheric survival horror DOOM Total Conversion mod that draws inspiration from Bloodborne, System Shock 2 and Darkest Dungeon.

It’s still early in development so there’s little in the way of narrative at the moment, but Divine Frequency sees you being transported into a strange realm filled with deadly monsters and demi-gods for you to dispatch. It incorporates survival horror and RPG elements and plays very differently from the classic game of DOOM, with you required to think tactically and use the environment to your advantage rather than just mowing down everything that moves.

Divine Frequency is certainly not just a simple DOOM reskin – there are lots of new mechanics such as a dash ability, an inventory system and buffs. The fuzzy VHS video filters make it feel more akin to Silent Hill than DOOM, ammo is very limited and a lot of the enemies will rip you to shreds with one hit. You need to be smart to survive and use the environment to your advantage – such as luring a demi-god into a trash compactor to kill it!

It’s a very impressive game that’s got a great sense of atmosphere and a real sense of danger around every corner. It’ll be interesting to see how the narrative evolves as the strange mash-up of settings is very intriguing. A dark divine frequency well worth tuning into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Divine Frequency Alpha Here (You’ll Also Need GZDoom & a DOOM.wad)