Divine Frequency – Beta Demo

Divine Frequency is a fantastic new GZDoom powered survival horror FPS that draws inspiration from System Shock and Bloodborne.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was a Doom total conversion mod, Divine Frequency is now being turned into a fully fledged game. The game sees your reality shattering as you’re transported into strange uncanny worlds filled with monsters, strange NPCs and powerful deities. The storytelling and worldbuilding is surreal and quite Souls-like, so it may be confusing at first, but you’ll piece things together as you go along.

The Divine Frequency demo takes around an hour to play through. You can choose from three different character classes, which can dramatically affect how you play, your conversations with NPCs, routes you can take and the ways you can overcome certain obstacles in the game.

The combat is challenging, but fair, with optional boss battles and plenty of gore. You’ll need quick reflexes to deal with some enemies, while others (such as a certain boss) will require you to use a little problem solving to get the drop on it.

The original Doom total conversion mod was excellent, but the new demo really does seem like a big step-up and a great showcase for what GZDoom is capable of. This isn’t another GZDoom boomer shooter, it’s a fully fledged survival horror adventure with a world you can really immerse yourself in. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Divine Frequency Gameplay Video Here

Download The Divine Frequency Beta Demo Here (Steam)