Divine Frequency – Beta Download

Divine Frequency is an incredible System Shock and Bloodborne inspired survival horror doom total conversion mod where you hunt down divine beings to reach transcendence.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2020, Divine Frequency is remarkably intense and well crafted GZDoom powered survival horror FPS set in a world where dreams and reality collide. It sees you exploring a surreal nightmarish world and hunting down powerful divine beings as you attempt to reach transcendence.

As it’s built-in the GZDoom Engine the movement and gunplay is satisfyingly DOOM-like and gloriously brutal. There are also lots of survival horror and Soulsian action RPG elements that make for a much deeper experience. This includes NPC’s to talk to, side quests, XP, levelling up, weapon upgrades and all sorts of other cool features. In fact it’s got more in common with the games it’s inspired by (Bloodborne, Blood, System Shock 2 and Darkest Dungeon) than id’s classic FPS.

The previous Divine Frequency demo featured the opening stages of the game, while the current demo contains a large section from the middle of a game. While the previous demo was reasonably linear. This demo features a large sprawling interconnected area filled with secrets to discover and optional side areas.

Like the Dark Souls series, Divine Frequency really rewards exploration and experimentation. In fact the vast majority of the level and most of the boss fights are entirely optional (you don’t even have to fight the main boss if you find another way to access the exit elevator). The optional areas and bosses are pretty tough but if you can handle the pain you’ll reap their awards.

There’s also lots of lore to delve into and it’s even got a fun sense of humor (such as a side quest where you fetch a chicken for a hungry demon). It’s a remarkable game and probably the best GZDoom powered survival horror FPS since Total Chaos. The monsters are horrifying, the guns feel great and the level design is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Divine Frequency Beta Here (Windows)