Divine Souls – Open Beta (Steam)

divine souls

Divine Souls is a fast paced real-time action RPG with an extensive combat combo system, PvE dungeon instances, 4 unique classes, lots of loot and a MOBA-Style PvP battle Arena.

In combat the combo system is easy to pick up and allows for some pretty spectacular fights.  Completing dungeons (of various modes) will earn you XP and loot, which allow you to level up and customise your character.  You’re able to form parties with friends to tackle the dungeons or enter the fun MOBA-Style battle arena for some fast paced PvP action.

While Divine Souls isn’t exactly spectacular in the graphical department, the combo combat system is fun, with no need to wait for cooldown timers, making for combat that’s mentally and visually engaging.

Download the Beta, Free through Steam HERE