Divisadero – Tech Demo

Divisadero is a mature narrative-driven true crime adventure that follows a disgraced police detective and his partner as they unravel a horrifying crime in the dystopian streets of San Francisco.

Currently in development by Team2bit (creators of Fist Puncher and Regan Gorbachev), Divisadero is a visually striking pixel art adventure with a dark and mature True Detective (first season) style true crime narrative. In the game you take control of a disgraced cop who has just been released from jail to assist an underpowered police force as they combat crime in a dystopian San Francisco that was all but destroyed by war and an environmental disaster. As you investigate you’ll unravel more about the crime, the city and yourself.

The current demo build of Divisadero is a little disjointed, but it gives you access to four different scenes from the game – prison, the police headquarters, an interrogation and a slime-filled farmland. You don’t get to learn much about the crime you’re investigating, but it does a good job of building the characters and introducing you to the ravaged city of San Francisco.

It’s an interesting game with a very unique visual style and a satisfyingly dark true crime adventure with some surreal surprises thrown in. Still very much a work in progress, but certainly worth checking out.

Download The Divisadero Alpha Demo Here (Only Available For The Next 2 Days)