Do You Copy? – Game Jam Build Download

Do You Copy? Is a tense little horror adventure that sees you attempting to guide a distressed hiker back to your watchtower – but there’s more than stray bears to be scared of in the woodland that you watch over!

In Do You Copy? You tanks on the role of a park ranger who’s just started their shift in their watchtower. However, no sooner has your neighboring watchtower just signed off for the night then a call comes out over the radio – a hiker who’s lost in the woods and needs your assistance to reach the safety of your watchtower.

You can turn on your floodlight and use your map to help give the hiker directions to your watchtower. But there’s something or someone else out there too – a beast, a murderer or maybe even the hiker’s split personality. You have no way of knowing for sure, all you have are the voices that come over the radio, the newspaper clippings on your noticeboard and the strange noises you hear echoing out through the woods…

The endings are a bit of an anticlimax (most likely due to time constraints) and it’s possible to get stuck in a bug that locks your camera movement near the end, but the build up is very intense, the voicework is excellent and there’s a great attention to detail in the visual design. It’s a fantastic concept that we’d love to see expanded on in the future as it’s a very clever way of relaying a narrative and it builds a deep feeling of isolation and vulnerability that really ups the tension as you stand alone in your watchtower. An distressed radio call that’s well worth picking up!

Download Do You Copy? Here (Windows & Mac)