DO YOU EVEN LIFT?! – Game Jam Build Download

Do You even lift

DO YOU EVEN LIFT?! is an addictive elevator-based arcade game in which you control an elevator and the doors on the elevator shaft as you try to evacuate employees, move mercenaries and squash monsters.

The Beareau of Science has been meddling with things best left alone and have accidentally created a Goopidemic, with swarms of monsters roaming the facility.  Your job is to evacuate the workers before they all get eaten.

You don’t have direct control of any characters, but you can influence where they go buy moving the elevator and activating doors.  Scientists will run away from monsters and towards the elevator, whilst the mercenaries will charge blindly into combat, hacking any monsters foolish to get in the way to pieces.  Ideally you need to manoeuvre mercenaries toward enemies and employees towards the exit.  At the end of each round you’re then able to purchase upgrades, such as roof spikes or more mercenaries.

With it’s charming visuals and unique elevator based gameplay, DO YOU EVEN LIFT?! makes for a fun and addictive game.  Far more enjoyable than taking the stairs.

Download DO YOU EVEN LIFT?! Here