Docking – Game Jam Build Download

Docking is a short but intense little game based on the docking scene from Interstellar, which sees you attempting to dock with a damaged space station that’s spinning out of control.

In Docking you control Matthew Mcconaughey’s spaceship from the Interstellar movie and attempt to recreate the scene where he docks with the Endurance space station as is spins helplessly out of control. To dock you have to make sure your spaceship is perfectly aligned with the docking bay on the station and keep it reeeealy steady. It takes some real precision piloting – you’ll need to match the exact rotation of the Endurance and use short, controlled bursts on the thrusters to bring it in.

It’s a simple premise but very well done, with challenging gameplay, stylish pixel art visuals and a very tense atmosphere created by the excellent chiptune version of Hans Zimmer’s original score. An intense and challenging experience well worth docking with.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play or Download Docking Here (Windows & Browser)