Doctor Who: A Brilliant Game – Open Alpha

doctor who a brilliant game

Doctor Who: A Brilliant Game is a small pixel art adventure game based on the events 50th Anniversary Special “The Day Of The Doctor“.

The game features wonderfully crafted pixel art representations of several scenes that appear in The Day Of The Doctor (and some extra ones), interspersed with some alternate (funny) dialogue choices and puzzles.  A full playthough takes around 15 minutes, and packs a nice variety of puzzles, minigames and Doctors into it’s short time span.

It’s still early in development, so does have a few small imperfections (occasional grammatical errors mainly), but these will no doubt be ironed out in future releases.  The dev is intent on making a game the good Doctor would be proud of, and also plans to flesh out the game to fill in any gaps in the story.

Doctor Who: A Brilliant game is shaping up to be an excellent pixel art romp, which is a nice surprise as good Doctor Who games are rarer than Darlek legs!

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