Documentia – Game Jam Build

Documentia is a clever little Doki Doki Literature Club-esque puzzle adventure where your presence in its idyllic world has a detrimental effect on it, with you having to delete its game files to stop it from running out of memory.

The characters that live in Documentia‘s world are all happy and welcoming to you as you drop into their space – they’re even happy to share their belongings and homes. The game however, informs you that you being there is taking up valuable memory space. Without enough memory, you will then unable to continue to explore any more.

At the end of each day a mysterious voice tells you that you’ll need to clear up more memory if you want to explore again. This requires you to delve into the game files and delete the files that make up the game world. The things that you are deleting – people, trees, animals, objects – all affect the world next time you open up the game. The people who are left will react to the loss and ask about it, but you can’t talk anyway. They don’t know it’s you that is destroying the world, but you can’t help feeling guilty that it’s your presence within it that’s destroying it.

You can keep deleting stuff and see what happens. Or you can listen to the game and just leave it be. There’s even a third option you may be able to uncover. Their story and thier world is in your hands!

Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download Documentia Here (Windows)