Does It Shoot? – Game Jam Build Download

does it shoot

Does It Shoot? is a fun pixel art puzzle action game in which you use interchangeable parts to create a wide variety of powerful weaponry to battle an alien menace.

Each weapon you create consists of three different parts – a stock an chamber and a barrel – you simply select which parts you want to use and set forth onto a battlefield to see how far you make it before your inevitable defeat.

Certain configurations of weapons work better than others, so a bit of experimentation is necessary.  The better the weapon, the further you’ll make it on the battlefield, and unlock more parts for your efforts.  This creates a satisfying feedback loop as you craft and test your weapons.  Does it shoot?  It shoots rather well actually!

Note:  Some of the unlocked parts may not be immediately apparent.  It the weapons customisation screen it is possible to scroll down to find them (see above GIF).

Download Does It Shoot? HERE