Dog Galore – Game Jam Build Download

Dog Galore features a fun blend of bullet hell and rhythm action gameplay as you dodge dogs and tap along to the beat while running along a deadly pathway.

Created for the Miz Jam 1, in Dog Galore you take control of a brave tribe member who is about to attempt the impossible – travelling along a pathway to the south to reach the Blue Men’s Village. The reason it’s such a herculean task is because the pathway is filled with deadly dogs and traps that get in your way. You need to dodge them using what WASD keys while also pressing rhythm-action button combinations as they scroll up the screen. And there’s also the minor factor of a big boss to deal with!

Dog Galore is a fairly short game that can be completed in just a few minutes but it’s a lot of fun and the bullet hell rhythm action gameplay works incredibly well. It’s also got a fun sense of humor, a catchy soundtrack and some excellent retro pixel artwork. A deadly dog-filled path well worth taking!

Download or Play Dog Galore Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)