Dogolrax – Alpha Demo

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Dogolrax is an absolutely insane action platforming adventure that draws inspiration from Another World, retro arcade games, sci-fi movies and Anime as you embark on an incredibly weird adventure packed full of horrible ways to die, fun easter eggs, bizarre creatures, silly humor and lots of ‘WTF??’ moments

Dogolrax starts off a little like Another World, with you playing an amnesiac who wakes up on a strange planet with a basic control scheme and certain context sensitive actions you can perform throughout. It soon becomes apparent that this isn’t just Another World 2.0 though! The first thing you notice is the game’s twisted sense of humor and fabulous tongue-in cheek in-jokes – exemplified by meeting a scantily clad Gundam-style pilot who is instantly vaporized when her robot explodes.

Dogolrax is primarily an action platforming adventure, but it’s not afraid to mix up the gameplay with all manner of fun distractions – such as bonus arcade cabinet games, stealth sections, minigames and even a rather grotesque Space Invaders-style shooting section. It’s packed full of funny dialogue and great little easter eggs to find too – such as cameos from the Alien and Terminator movies.

The visual style of Dogolrax is fairly simple, looking like a slightly better animated South Park cartoon at times, but it actually works very well in the context of the game (and a lot of the creatures are so grotesque that you really wouldn’t want to see more detailed versions of them anyway!). It takes around 15 minutes to complete the Dogolrax Alpha Demo and by the end of it, you’ll still have very little idea of what the game is about or what your character has done, but you will have a huge amount of fun. It’s a wonderfully random adventure, packed full of twists and great humor – a ridiculous Sci-Fi and Anime infused fever dream that you won’t want to wake up from.

Note: We did encounter a game breaking bug during your playthrough – make sure that yo don’t go through any of the caves on the ground floor seen at around 8 minutes on of our playthough or you may get stuck in that room – jump up the little platforms to the harder to reach cave instead.

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