Doki Doki Ninjin – Gamę Jam Build

Doki Doki Ninjin is a wonderfully wholesome Super Mario Bros. 2 inspired platforming adventure that’s actually better than Mario’s outing in pretty much every way.

Created for Ludum Dare 52, the gameplay in Doki Doki Ninjin is pretty similar to Super Mario Bros. 2. It’s a platforming adventure with vibrant NES styled visuals, vertical wrap-around sections and the ability to pull plants out of the ground and use them. However, there are no enemies to deal with in Doki Doki Ninjin as everybody you meet is very friendly.

There are four levels in Doki Doki Ninjin and you can mainline them pretty quickly, but the real fun comes from searching for the hidden golden carrots and helping out some of the creatures you meet. There are special plants you can use to allow you to reach new areas and there are also a few fun little minigames to mess around with too.

It’s a great little game that has a playfulness and charm that makes it feel like what would happen if Nintendo made a Mario Bros. 2 style game today. Every area is packed full of secrets and fun surprises to discover and the whole thing makes for a very uplifting experience – particularly the final level. Highly recommended.

Play Doki Doki Ninjin Here (Browser)