Dolly – Student Project Download

Dolly game

Dolly is a beautiful precision puzzle platformer that with stunning pixel art imagery and underlying connotations of death.

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, Dolly impresses from start to finish with it’s challenging Super Meat Boy-esque platforming and fantastic pixel art world design.  You jump, double-jump, triple jump and wall slide around the deadly, but beautiful world, solving minor puzzles and soaking in it’s otherworldly beauty.  The striking imagery of death and decay are more and more apparent as you progress, until ultimately you discover Dolly’s poignant truth.

Dolly’s audio, visuals and challenging gameplay all work in perfect unison to create a thoroughly enjoyable, bitter-sweet gaming experience that will stick with you long after completion.  If you’re looking for some precision platforming with real feeling, you won’t regret saying hello to Dolly.

Download Dolly HERE (Windows Only)

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