Dolmen – Kickstarter Demo

Dolmen is a very impressive third person cosmic horror Sci-Fi action RPG that plays like a fusion of Dark Souls and Dead Space as you unravel a Lovecraftian plot and discover the darkest secret in the universe.

In Dolmen you learn the language of the universe and uncover a dark Sci-Fi narrative as you explore an ancient forgotten alien planet called Revlon Prime. It’s a hostile planet that’s not going to give up it’s secrets easily – filled with freaky bug-like creatures and other untold horrors that will test your skills in ranged and melee combat.

The combat in Dolmen is fondly reminiscent of Dark Souls – with tactical stamina-based shield and melee weapon combat. You also have access to ranged weapons, but they’re more useful for wearing down enemies and applying debuffs to make things easier when you go in for the kill.

As you progress you earn Sparks (essentially Souls), which can be used to level up your character and you’ll also find lots of resources which can be used to craft new equipment. You have to be careful though – if you die you’ll lose everything you’re carrying (not just your sparks) until you make it back to the place you died to reclaim them.

Dolmen does very much feel like Dark Souls in space, which is no bad thing. Even in these early stages of development the hostile planet of Revlon Prime is a fascinating place to explore, filled with ancient mystery, freaky creatures and the promise of a swift death hiding behind every corner. It punishes every mistake, but that’s how you learn to survive it’s inhospitable planet and unravel its dark secrets. Highly recommended.

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