Domino House – Beta Demo

Domino House is a fun little spooky point and click puzzle game where you search for items and cleverly crafted clues to help you escape from the creepy house you’re trapped in.

In Domino House your goal is to figure out how to escape the weird old house you’re trapped in. The house is full of strange characters and creepy decor, all of which you’ll have to pay close attention to if you want to escape…

The current build of Domino House doesn’t feature the full game, but it does contain a sizable chunk of gameplay and an ending. The house contains a handful of rooms to explore, which are all extremely detailed and absolutely packed with interactable objects and clues that are hidden in plain sight.

It’s shaping up to be an excellent little puzzle game with a great art style and a wide range of inventive puzzles that you’ll need a keen eye and some serious sleuthing skills to solve. A creepy old house that’s jam packed with cleverly crafted puzzles to crack.

Download The Domino House Beta Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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