Don Duality – Beta Demo

Don Duality is a card-based gangster tycoon game where you lead a Mafia organization and launder your ill-gotten gains through a restaurant.

In Don Duality you are essentially managing two businesses – a restaurant and a crime syndicate, located one atop the other. You use cards to hire staff, advertise the restaurant, furnish your building and give orders to your goons. The crime makes more money, but you need the restaurant to be successful to allow you to launder more money through it. You have to be careful when discarding your cards too though – some can trigger random events that can seriously affect your business.

It’s an addictive and easily accessible take on the tycoon sim genre with charming pixel art graphics and a nice mixture of crime and restaurant management. See if you can build a perfect synergy between your restaurant and the underworld!

Download The Don Duality Beta Demo Here (Steam)