Donkey Kong Game & Watch – Game Jam Build

Donkey Kong Game & Watch is a wonderfully authentic browser-based version of the classic 1982 Nintendo Game & Watch game, recreated in all its LCD glory.

Created in just a few hours for the Practice Circle Game Jam, it has all the features of the classic Donkey Kong Game & Watch game – including an A and B game mode and even the option to display the current time. As in the original, you need to guide Game & Watch man to the top of a construction site, where Donkey Kong is hurling barrels from above. You then need to lift the crane arm, jump on the hook and remove the four hooks that are holding the girder that Donkey Kong stands on – after which the whole thing repeats, but he’s a little bit trickier.

The presentation is excellent and surprisingly enough the gameplay of the rather simple, almost four decade old Donkey Kong Game & Watch game still holds up. It’s very addictive, and the LCD styled visuals have a lot of charm.

Play Donkey Kong Game & Watch Here (Browser)