Dono’s Tale – Alpha Demo

Dono’s Tale is a delightful Yoshi’s Story/Yoshi’s Island inspired 2D platforming adventure where a cute little dragon sets out in search of his stolen fruit.

In Dono’s Tale you control a little blue dragon who must travel to deserts, grasslands, underwater cities, mountains and space to retrieve his stolen fruit. Dono controls a lot lire Yoshi (and even has a similar floaty jump), but he also has a variety of different abilities that he can switch between at will and can equip two of these abilities at a time.

The switching between abilities is a little fiddly (it would be better just to permanently map each ability to a different button, but other them that it’s shaping up to be a great game. The colorful visuals are delightful, it’s incredibly cute, the various abilities really come in handy and the controls are very responsive. A cheerful and charming retro platforming adventure well worth checking out.

Download The Dono’s Tale Alpha Demo Here (Steam)