Don’t Bite Me Bro! – Beta Download

Dont Bit Me Bro game download

Don’t Bite Me Bro! is an addictive open world survival game in which you gather resources, craft defenses, upgrade your base and rescue survivors with unique abilities in a charming low poly world that’s plagued with zombies.

Playable with one to four players Don’t Bite Me Bro! offers an easily accessible, colourful and fun take on the zombie apocalypse, with you and your fellow survivors attempting to fend of hordes of undead that have appeared after a strange object crash-landed on Earth. The zombies attack your base in waves, much like a tower defense game, but you have a lengthy period in-between the waves to scavenge resources, build defences, enter randomly generated dungeons, upgrade your buildings and search for survivors. Once you save a survivor and bring them back to your base then you can choose to play as them, using their unique traits and abilities to your advantage.

It’s a fun game with a very satisfying loop of zombie slaying, exploration and base building. A lighthearted and highly addictive take on the zombie apocalypse.

Download the Don’t Bite Me Bro! Beta Here (Win, Mac & Linux)