Don’t Kill Her – Alpha Demo

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Don’t Kill Her is a breathtakingly beautiful platforming adventure in which you explore a surreal hand drawn world, attempting to discover it’s many mysteries, such as who the dead woman is that inhabits it is and why she calls you her murderer.

The dead woman is the master of the world you are invited to, a bizarre, beautiful and surreal land filled with strange creatures and spectacular scenery. The plot is just as mysterious as the land you explore, but it revolves around the fact that you drastically change the land as you explore it and that you will kill the dead woman (or maybe you have already).

The Alpha Demo takes just over 10 minutes to complete and it’s a remarkable experience from start to finish. It’s like exploring a beautiful hand drawn acid trip or a surreal dream world where you never know what’s coming next. Indeed, even once you think you’ve got a handle things in Don’t Kill Her, it throws it throws in some even more spectacular surprises. The more you delve into this rabbit hole, the more it blows your mind. We highly recommend checking this one out, you won’t regret it, you murderer!

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