Don’t Let Them In – Game Jam Build Download

Dont let them in game download

Don’t Let Them In, a pixelated survival game made for the LowRezJam, has you fighting waves of monsters who are lurking outside your home.

You are inside your home, which is rather maze like to be frank, and also full of monsters. Each wave brings stronger monsters in varying numbers – which you must fight off. Dotted around your house and garden, there are different items that can help you out. Weapons like guns, pipes, and ammo, as well as food to help restore your health. There are also doors that can be closed and opened, so that that monsters don’t wonder in. Sometimes monsters will break the doors, but you can repair them with other items to keep creatures out.

Don’t Let Them In is a challenging game, as you can quickly be taken over by monsters that may destroy you. Aiming with the gun, as well as the camera angle, does take a bit of getting use to before you can master the game. Walking through the house, made up of long corridors, adds a lot of suspense and exploration to the game. Try to keep the monsters at bay and your home protected and fend of those creepy low rez monsters!

Download Don’t Let Them In Here (Windows)