DONT PLAY THIS GAME.EXE is an incredibly intense, stylish and mind bending first person shooter with puzzle elements, that sees you entering the Grid and blasting the crap out of hordes of enemies as you attempt to hack it.

We’d recommend playing DONT PLAY THIS GAME.EXE before reading on as it’s the sort of game that it’s best to go in blind, so you can figure things out yourself.

The current demo build of DONT PLAY THIS GAME.EXE sees you you attempting to hack into a target server, shooting security bots and extracting packages within a time limit. The first few sections are beautiful, glitchy cyberscapes that you can explore at your leisure (including one cyberscape that’s randomly selected each time). But once you get into the main server and start shooting security bots, the game is relentless – if you don’t keep moving and shooting, you’ll be dead in seconds.

There’s absolutely no hand holding or guidance in DONT PLAY THIS GAME.EXE – you’re on your own against the hordes of bots and you need to figure things out yourself. However, figuring things out is a little tricky while you’re being constantly chased and shot at! You’ll need to think fast, keep an eye out for large red pulsing masses to shoot and never stop moving to stand any chance of making it out alive.

The beautiful, pulsing visuals of DONT PLAY THIS GAME.EXE can get a little disorientating at times and the hardcore run n’ gun gameplay may be too much for some players, but those that stick with it will discover a first person shooter experience unlike any other. A ridiculously intense first person shooter shooter with breathtaking vistas, tons of style and cerebral gameplay. Highly recommended hardcore hacking fun.

Note: The DONT PLAY THIS GAME.EXE asks you for a password on startup. Don’t be put off though, it’s part of the game. Just put any password in three times.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The DONT PLAY THIS GAME.EXE Beta Demo Here (Steam)