Don’t Push The Red Button – Beta Download

Dont Push The Red Button Game Download

Don’t Push The Red Button is a funny little game that trolls you in lots of sneaky ways, by placing you in a room and trying to get you to press the big red button in the middle of it!

You start Don’t Push The Red Button alone, in a room with a single little red button and lots of ‘helpful’ advice in the form of signage and funny internet memes telling you in no uncertain terms to push the red button. Obviously this is a trick, as soon as you press the red button you fail the game, are given a button pressing ranking and have to start again. If you don’t push the red button then you don’t have a hell of a lot to do other than stand there, waiting to see what happens.

While you wait, every few minutes the game will throw up lots of humorous tricks to try and fool you into pressing the red button, such as telling you you’ve won the game, making the button gigantic or making it look like your character is dying. You’d have to be a bit daft to fall for the tricks, but they raise a smile and help to break up the boredom of waiting around with nothing to do – which is what really drives your real temptation to press the button. Paradoxically, not only is the game trolling you by trying to get you to press the red button, but it’s also trolling you by wasting your time while you don’t!

It’s probably a spoiler to say exactly how long you’ll have to wait or if there’s a real ending or not (if you’re curious, check out the info in our gameplay description), but needless to say you’ll be waiting a long time in that room! Good luck, and DON’T PRESS THE RED BUTTON!

NOTE: We recommend downloading the game rather than using the browser version as the browser version is prone to crashing.

Check Out a “Gameplay” Video Here (Contains Spoilers)

Download The Don’t Push The Red Button Beta Here (Windows & Mac)