Don’t Shoot Yourself – Beta Demo

dont shoot yourself

In Don’t Shoot Yourself you are your own worst enemy, literally!  It’s a shoot-em-up where the only enemy is yourself – automatically shooting bullets behind you as you move around the enclosed levels.

These bullets will then bounce around the levels continuously until you complete the level or die (which is more probable).  To complete a level you have to fire 100 bullets, which then triggers a magic bullet that smashes the levels walls and saves you from yourself.  Different walls reflect your bullets in different ways and 100 bullets are pretty hard to dodge, so you must use careful planning, strategy and quick reflexes to beat the game.

It’s a great game, with a nice minimalistic art style and fast paced gameplay that offers a whole new take on bullet hell.  In Don’t Shoot Yourself there are 100 bullets with your name on them – because you fired them!

Watch a lets play of it HERE

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available